Specializing in GU therapies

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By specializing in genitourinary therapies, we are better able to focus our efforts on delivering optimal solutions, support and value to healthcare professionals and their patients with needs that are specific to this therapeutic category.



Trelstar® is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist approved for use in the United States for patients with prostate cancer. It is the only GnRH agonist that differs from natural GnRH by a single amino acid. Trelstar® has been engineered to deliver superagonist activity and works by decreasing the amount of certain hormones in the body. This is referred to as androgen deprivation therapy or ADT. Trelstar® has been in use as a trusted ADT in the United States for almost 20 years.

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The following table summarizes the indications for which we are developing product candidates and the status of development.


Partnering & Collaboration

Verity is continuously engaged with global pharmaceutical companies on in-licensing targeted agents that our scientific advisory board has identified as therapeutically relevant in the North American genitourinary medicine health care segment. To this end, Verity has entered into agreements on several in-licensing partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies from around the Globe.

Verity deploys an active sales force detailing our products to health care professionals and market access customers throughout the United States. Verity has built a scalable platform to develop and commercialize products across the United States and Canada. Functions include Market Access and Reimbursement, Regulatory and Medical Affairs, Clinical Development, Quality Control and Assurance, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, as well as new and mature Product Commercialization. All functions are led by senior personnel with years of relevant industry experience in big, medium, and small pharma/bio-pharma environments.

Verity welcomes enquires from organizations that wish to maximize the value proposition of their products within the Verity American infrastructure.